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Sample, commented examples of EZ-PnF CHARTS:
(Disclaimer, please read before viewing Sample Charts)
Click on an X to view a sample EZ-PnF Chart
02/06/98 . X . X . X . X X .
02/13/98 . X . X . X . X X .
03/02/98 . X . X . X . X X .
03/24/98 . X . X . X . X X .
04/09/98 . X . X X X X X X .
05/19/98 . X . X X X X X X X
06/04/98 . X . X X X X X X X
05/11/99 X . . X . . . . . .
05/18/99 . . X . . . . . . .
06/07/99 HBAN
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Point & Figure Charting
What is it? How does it work? What do the patterns mean?
From Chartcraft.com

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BCA Software Bookstore
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Author Title (Click on a title to link to the book.)
Point and Figure Books
Carroll Aby
Point & Figure Charting : The Complete Guide
Michael Burke Point and Figure Construction and Formation Manual

Thomas J. Dorsey
Point and Figure Charting : 
Essential Applications for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices 
(2nd Edition)

Buy Good Used Copy Now: Point and Figure Charting : 
Essential Applications for Forecasting and Tracking Market Prices 
(1st Edition.) 

Victor Devilliers
The Point and Figure Method of Anticipating Stock Price 
(The 1935 classic tome on point and figure technique reprinted)
 Victor De Villiers, 
Owen Taylor,
&Donald Mack
De Villiers and Taylor on Point and Figure Charting 
Daryl Guppy Share Trading: An Approach to Buying and Selling
Joseph R. Maxwell, Sr. Commodity Futures Trading with Point and Figure Charts
Friedrich W. Tolke Exchange Rate Analysis With Point and Figure Charts
Alexander Wheelan
Study Helps in Point and Figure Technique
 Kermit Zieg
Point and Figure Commodity and Stock Trading Techniques 
Options and Option Trading Strategies

James Bittman
Options for the Stock Investor/Book and Disk : 
How Any Investor Can Use Options to Enhance and Protect Their Return

Trading Index Options

Neil A. Chriss
Black-Scholes and Beyond : Option Pricing Models

The Black-Scholes and Beyond Interactive Toolkit :
A Step-By-Step Guide to In-Depth Option Pricing Models

(COMBO Offer)The Black-Scholes and Beyond and 
The Black-Scholes and Beyond Interactive Toolkit : 
A Step-By-Step Guide to In-Depth Option Pricing Models

Ronald J. Frost  Options on Futures : A Hands-On Workbook of Real-World Trading 
Simulations and Money-Making Strategies
Mervyn L. Hecht, 
Jennifer Grossblatt
How to Make Money With Stock Options : 
A Basic Guide for the Conservative Investor
Robert W. Kolb
Options (Book and Disk)
 Carl F. Luft, 
Richard K. Sheiner
Listed Stock Options : The Hands-On Study Guide 
for Investors & Traders

Lawrence G. McMillan
Options As a Strategic Investment

McMillan on Options (Wiley Finance Editions)

Sheldon Natenberg
Option Volatility & Pricing : Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques
Bernie Schaeffer
The Option Advisor :Wealth-Building Techniques Using
Equity & Index Options (Wiley Trading Advantage) 
Courtney Smith
Option Strategies : Profit-Making Techniques for Stock, Stock Index, 
and Commodity Options (Wiley Finance Edition)
Michael C. Thomsett
Getting Started in Options (4th Ed)
Technical Analysis
Robert D. Edwards, 
John F. Magee 
Technical Analysis of Stock Trends(8th Ed.)

John J. Murphy
Technical Analysis of the Futures Markets : 
A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications

The Visual Investor : How to Spot Market Trends

Martin J. Pring
Technical Analysis Explained : The Successful Investor's Guide to 
Spotting Investment Trends and Turning Points

Martin Pring's Introduction to Technical Analysis : A CD-Rom Seminar 
and Workbook

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Point & Figure
Discussion and Research Forums
EZ-PnF Support Forum on Silicon Investor
Point and Figure Charting (on SI)
Point and Figure Charting for Beginners (on SI)
P & F Research (on SI)
Tom Dorsey Q&A (on SI)

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Free Historic Price Data Links

EZ-PnF Shareware users:
Downloaded data from these sources is comma delimited ASCII, but :
  • Date order is 'date descending' eg Newest ->Oldest. To use this data, the date order must be reversed into Oldest->Newest. 
  • Any non-price data lines must be deleted before re-ordering the data.
  • YAHOO! date fields have month spelled out eg 23-Jan-98

  • EZ-PnF Registered users:
    No editing or 'conversion programs' required!
    1) Just download the data into the \ezpnf folder/directory  as 'symbol'.CSV 
    2) Then, use SETTINGS>StockPriceDataFiles...>Formats>PreDefinedTypes and select the .CSV option.  This will lead you to a dialog box where you tell EZ-PnF where you are going to be storing the .CSV data files. 
    3) After viewing a chart to check all is well, 'Save' the current settings.
    Yahoo! Finance
    (Many years of data, 
    Click here)
    Note: historic price data supplied by YAHOO!Finance is 'split and dividend adjusted. This may cause p&f patterns to be 'different' than those derived from 'non-dividend adjusted' price data eg MSN MoneyCentral. This 'variation' will only affect issues that pay dividends and be exaggerated in issues with significant dividends.
    Yahoo! does disclose this 'adjustment' in a notice that is linked at the bottom of each historic price table.
    MSN MoneyCentral
    (up to 3 years of data)

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