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Page Updated: 10/02/08

Max-Pain Point™

Max-Pain™ 'Maximum-Pain' Option analysis:

This study deals with a stock price phenomenon seen the day before stock option expiry. 

Current Max-Pain Point™ Graphs are based on 06/15/07 CBOE Data

Jun '07

Click here for June '07 Issues:

An Archive of all Historic Max-Pain Point™ Graphs is available covering:

=>Access the Max-Pain Point™ Graph Archive<=

What is a "Max-Pain Point™"? How is it calculated?
Analysis technique explained and a calculation example <==click here! 
(Read the explanation, at least the first time here)
Need to know more  about 
Equity & Index Options??

Check out these BOOKS on Options and Options Strategy

Access the Max-Pain Point™ Graph Archive
By Month/Year: (11/97=>Current)

By symbol: (All Graphs)

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