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EZ-PnF Version 2.31 FAQ

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EZ-PnF Product Specifications/Features
What is new in Version 2.31?
What is new in Version 2.30?
System Requirements
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EZ-PnF Warranty/Disclaimer
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EZ-PnF Version 2.31 Specifications/Features:

EZ-PnF Version 2.31 is a  Point and Figure stock charting program with an easy to use  interface having pull-down menus, info screens, context-sensitive help, mouse, and printer support. EZ-PnF is DOS-based, but does not require the user to have any DOS knowledge in order  to either install or run EZ-PnF on systems running Windows.

EZ-PnF generates point and figure charts that feature 'Traditional' box value scaling (as used by Chartcraft), User-specified fixed value per box scaling, or User specified logarithmic (fixed percentage change) box value scaling.

EZ-PnF can generate charts with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 box reversals.
The EZ-PnF 1 box reversal algorithm is as described by Wheelan
and by Wyckoff.

EZ-PnF charts can be based on daily high/low, daily close or daily average stock price.

EZ-PnF displays the dates that chart columns start and end.

REGISTERED versions of EZ-PnF support the creation of Relative Strength
point and figure charts, based on indexes or issues of the user's choice.
The Relative Strength 'Scale Factor' can be AutoScaled or User Selected.

EZ-PnF charts can be displayed/printed with 'full grid' ie graph paper, or
with Tick Marks.

EZ-PnF charts may be printed on any DOS compatible printer that
supports either the IBM* PDDS*/ASCII, EPSON* ESC/P* or HP*PCL*
data streams and is attached to the LPT1 printer port. Most printers can
support one or more of the built-in printer data streams.

EZ-PnF also automatically creates a Windows BITMAP of each chart print image.  The Bitmap can be selected, using Windows Explorer, to view/edit/print/paste into any Windows program that supports Bitmaps. 
This allows ALL Windows users to view/edit/print the automatically created bitmaps using any Windows program that accepts Windows Bitmaps and prints on a printer supported by Windows.

EZ-PnF has a line drawing capability that allows the user to draw support and resistance lines and points.

EZ-PnF can directly read stock price information from many
popular stock analysis programs: MetaStock*, CompuTrac*,
ChartPro*, MegaTech*, Maximizer*, $tokTrax*, Telechart 2000*
(TC2K V4's Databank V3 data export feature required),
FastTrack*, QuotesPlus2 (ascii export data), and EZ-PnF V1.0. 

Registered versions of EZ-PnF can directly read the downloaded Free historic price data files available from MSN MoneyCentral, or Yahoo!Finance internet websites.

EZ-PnF can also read over 1580 forms of User-specified ASCII, 'plain-text', comma delimited data files. Most database, spreadsheet, or stock analysis program have comma separated variable (CSV) as a data export option. Another  feature of the EZ-PnF ASCII WIZARD allows EZ-PnF to 'skip over/ignore' a user-specified number of lines at the beginning of an ascii data file.

EZPNFUTL, the  'ASCII Data Utilities' package is included FREE with registered versions of EZ-PnF. Read EZPNFUTL.TXT for descriptions of the FREE ASCII data utilities included. 

The EZPNFUTL package description/readme file EZPNFUTL.TXT is included in EZPNF23U, the SHAREWARE version of EZ-PnF.

(Click here to read EZPNFUTL.TXT now.)

The SHAREWARE version of EZ-PnF V2.31 EZPNF23U.EXE is a full function program, with the following exceptions: saving user options, creating Relative Strength charts, directly accessing internet data files, and the EZPNFUTL programs are not included.

System Requirements:

EZ-PnF V2.31U operates on 8088 -> 6x86, K6, Pentium processors. 
Performance varies with processor power. 
Video support is VGA video mode. 
Printers supported: 
IBM PDDS/ASCII, HP PCL, or EPSON ESC/P data stream DOS compatible 
printers attached to LPT1:.

EZ-PnF Version 2.31U is a DOS based program that runs natively
under: PC-DOS* or MS-DOS* versions 3.0, 3.3, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0;
EZ-PnF also operates in the DOS boxes of: Microsoft* Windows* 3.1, 3.11,
Windows95*/98*/ME*/NT*/2000*/XP*, IBM OS/2* WARP* versions 3, 4.

Included in the package are EZ-PnF icons for OS/2 and Windows. EZ-PnF.ICO is for OS/2  and EZ-PnFW.ICO is for Windows.

*Registered Trademark(s) of the trademark owner(s).

Installing the EZ-PnF V2.31U SHAREWARE package:

EZ-PnF comes in three unique installation packages. One for DOS, one for Windows 3.X and one for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.  The EZ-PnF V2.31U DOS-Based  program that gets installed and all the data files are identical, only the installation/setup programs are customized.  The WINDOWS installation/setup programs are a One-Step installation, creating folders, Icons and Uninstall functions. No DOS knowledge is required to install or run EZ-PnF V2.30U on Windows systems.


  •   Make a new directory for EZ-PnF to reside in called C:\ezpnf
  •   Copy the EZ-PnF V2.31U self extracting package EZPNF23U.EXE to the  C:\ezpnf
  •   Change to the  C:\ezpnf directory.
  •   Expand the package by entering EZPNF23U at the command prompt in DOS.

To run EZ-PnF, enter ezpnf on the DOS command line.

To remove EZ-PnF, erase all the files in the C:\ezpnf directory and then remove the C:\ezpnf directory.

Windows 3.X

  •   Copy the EZ-PnF V2.31U installation program EZPNF23U.EXE  into any directory. (The c:\temp directory is recommended)
  •   Start the File Manager program.
  •   Locate and then double-click on the entry for EZPNF23U.EXE to begin the setup program.
  •   EZPNF23U.exe creates an EZ-PnF group with icons in Program Manager.
  •   If you want to save a copy of EZPNF23U.EXE, move it from c:\temp into the c:\ezpnf directory using File Manager.

To run EZ-PnF, click on the EZ-PnF Icon in the EZ-PnF group in Program Manager.

To remove EZ-PnF, click on the UnInstall icon in the EZ-PnF group.

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

  •   Copy the EZ-PnF V2.31U installation program EZPNF23U.EXE into any folder. (The c:\temp folder is recommended)
  •   Using Windows Explorer, find and then double-click on the entry for EZPNF23U.exe to begin the installation program.
  •   EZPNF23U.exe creates an EZ-PnF desktop icon and an EZ-PnF entry in Start Programs.
  •    If you want to save a copy of EZPNF23U.EXE, move it from the temp folder into the c:\ezpnf folder with Windows Explorer.

To run EZ-PnF, click on the EZ-PnF Icon on the Desktop.

To remove EZ-PnF, use the Uninstall EZ-PnF function or the Add/Remove Programs feature of the Control Panel.

 ALL installations:

  When EZPNF23U.exe expands you will find the following in C:\ezpnf:

    ezpnf.exe    <=> EZ-PnF program
    UNREGED.rez  <=> EZ-PnF support file (required)
    ezpnf22u.hlp <=> EZ-PnF on-line help file
    ibm.ezp      <=> sample stock price file
    sunw.ezp     <=> sample stock price file
    djia.ezp     <=> sample index file
    ez-pnf.ico   <=> OS/2 EZ-PnF icon
    ez-pnfw.ico  <=> Windows EZ-PnF icon
    ezpnf23u.txt <=> EZ-PnF description, terms and conditions.
    ezpnfutl.txt <=> EZPNFUTL ASCII data file utility package description.
     tc2ktips.txt <=> Tips for Using TC2000 data with EZ-PnF 

                     (EZPNFUTL is included with REGISTERED versions)

  NOTE: Any time EZ-PnF is running you can press F1 to access the extensive, on-line, context sensitive Help system provided with EZ-PnF.


EZ-PnF Terms and Conditions of Use

    You may use the UNREGISTERED copy of EZ-PnF.

    You may freely copy the UNREGISTERED V2.31U version of EZ-PnF and give it to any other party as long as you distribute the entire EZPNF23U.EXE package contents and do not charge any fees or monies for EZ-PnF, other than reasonable media and duplication costs, and make NO MODIFICATIONS to the package contents. This request is consistent with the nature of Shareware software generation and distribution.


Please Note: EZ-PnF is only a tool. The user assumes all responsibility for use and interpretation of the point and figure charts produced by EZ-PnF. While all care was taken in the writing of EZ-PnF:


Support is no longer is provided after 10/01/2008.

How to Order/Register EZ-PnF: 

You cannot order EZ-PnF after 10/01/2008

Thank you, BCA Software

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Download EZ-PnF v2.31U Now?

NOTE: Version 2.31U is full function, with the following exceptions: you cannot save user-options between sessions, cannot create Relative Strength charts, cannot directly access downloaded internet data files, and the EZPNFUTL programs are not included.
    To download select an operating system:
EZ-PnF Icon
OS/2 Warp DOS-Box
Windows 3.1/3.11
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Want to see some screen shots, first? <=Click here!


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            EZ-PnF Copyright (c)1992-2008 Ben Antanaitis, Jr.
      EZ-PnF <=> a BCA Software product

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