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                                                                                July 30, 2000
From BCA Software:

EZ-PnF point and figure software versions 2.30R/U are now completed and available. 

EZ-PnF version 2.30U is the SHAREWARE version* of EZ-PnF and is  downloadable from the BCA Software web site.

EZ-PnF version 2.30R, the REGISTERED version is only available through BCA Software.

*Note: some features are available in REGISTERED Version ONLY!

What's new in EZ-PnF V2.30?

1) Price data you download from MSN MoneyCentral or Yahoo!  [saved as 'symbol'.CSV ] can be directly read WITHOUT the need for data conversion utilities.  EZ-PnF automatically detects where the file came from and correctly reads the data. Mixing sources is permitted ie you can have .CSV files from any/all of the sources in the same folder. (REGISTERED Version ONLY! )

2) Price data in FastTrack "Mutual Funds", "Stocks#1", and Stocks#2" binary databases are directly supported just as TC2000,  MetaStock and ChartPro databases are.

3) You can display/print the charts optionally with a 'full grid' to make hand charting and 'sighting the axis' easier. (View Screen Shot)

4) When the "issue list box" in the 'Make_Chart' dialog box is active/highlighted, you can now type in a symbol and an automatic search will index  through your list letter-by-letter as you enter the symbol.
NOTE: Use the backspace key to 'back-out' of an entered symbol.

5) When a chart is displayed, you can automatically step down the issue list and display the Next issue by pressing Alt-N This eliminates returning to the Make_Chart screen to go through the list of issues.

6) When a chart is displayed, if you switch to the 'line draw/Column Dates' mode (Alt-F3), and you move the cursor across the chart, the date of the first and last entry in that column will be displayed. Note: the dates are when the first X's or O's could be entered (ie if 3 box reversal, the start date is when the initial 3 boxes are entered)

7) When a chart is displayed, the values of the latest price are displayed. This should assist is determining how far a 'new' reversal may have progressed before a new column can legally be plotted.

8) True 1-box reversal charting is now fully supported.  The reversal methodology is per the algorithm described by Alexander Wheelan and by Wyckoff. (View Screen Shot)

9) Log scaling now supports a box size with a lower limit of 0.5%

10) Bugs in the 'fixed-box-size' scaling have been fixed.

11) EZ-PnF now supports over 1580 User ASCII layouts/formats.  Many  were added to accommodate users with intraday ASCII price data files.

12) EZ-PnF now creates RELATIVE STRENGTH (R/S) charts.
First, you can specify any issue/index, in any of the supported data/database types, to be the 'basis' (ie the denominator) of the R/S calculation. You then use this 'basis' to create RS charts against any other data file/database issue/index. Note: the basis doesn't have to come from your main DB eg you could download the prices for an issue from Yahoo! and then use it to compare with issue/index from TC2000 or MetaStock or ASCII data, etc. (View Screen Shot).(REGISTERED Version ONLY!)

12A) More R/S stuff.  When you display a 'normal' p&f chart, if you have already designated a R/S 'basis' to use, you can press F10 to immediately display an R/S chart.    OR conversely, if you are viewing R/S charts (remember the ALT-N display NEXT function to zip through the list of issues)  you can press F10 to display the 'normal' p&f chart for that issue.

12B) More R/S stuff.  you can go to 'line draw/column date' mode and display the dates of the RS chart column switches. In R/S point and figure work the dates of the column reversals are using for spotting the trend reversals.

12C) Remember: 'traditional' thinking implies R/S as comparing a stock to the Dow.  In EZ-PnF, you can compare any two items eg gateway vs dell OR  Maxtor vs DDX  or OEX vs SPX or NYGL vs XAU etc.

IMPORTANT: After installation is verified, please discard any copies of EZ-PnF V2.22R or the V2.22U SHAREWARE version, they are no longer supportted
by BCA Software.

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Last Update: 7/28/00

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