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Page updated:10/03/2008

EZ-PnF is a point and figure charting program. It is only a tool. 

Any user of EZ-PnF, or any visitor to the BCA Software website, assumes any risk(s) associated with the use and interpretation of the 'Point and Figure' charts created with EZ-PnF.

Examples shown on this web site are illustrative of the charting capabilities of the software product called EZ-PnF and NOT intended as investment advice.

The Max-Pain Point™ Options Analysis information presented on this website is for informational purposes only and depicts interim mathematical results of an on-going study and is NOT intended as investment advice.

In any event, neither Benjamin Antanaitis, Jr., nor BCA Software shall be held liable for the actions of others with regard to their investment profits or losses. No warranties are given or implied.

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Max-Pain and Max-Pain Point are trademarks of BCA Software

EZ-PnF ©Copyright 1992-2008 Ben Antanaitis, Jr.

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