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V2.31 Final version 9/20/02

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Point and Figure Charting Software - EZ-PnFWelcome to BCASoftware's Home Page

EZ-PnF is our Point and Figure Charting program.

EZ-PnF is powerful, yet easy to use. 
Download the trial version of EZ-PnF to try. 

>>"Point and Figure features that others charge you $Hundreds$ more for."<<

EZ-PnF Info:
EZ-PnF Features9/20/02
EZ-PnF FAQ/Full Specifications9/20/02
EZ-PnF Screen Shot Images
What's new in EZ-PnF v2.319/20/02
Click here =>To view a Product Review of EZ-PnF v2.30 (Lot's of user tips included)
EZ-PnF Product reviews:
"EZ-PnF from BCA Software is a lightning-quick point and figure charting program."
"If you're a point and figure fan, this is the fastest, cheapest solution you can find."

Click here => To view a Product Review of EZ-PnF v2.30 

EZ-PnF registration was our primary source of business revenue. 

As of 10/02/2008, we no  longer offer a REGISTERED Version of EZ-PnF and we no longer provide support for any version of EZ-PnF. 
VISTA was the final straw. 
It has been fun for the past 15+ years... Thank you to those of you who allowed a shareware program to 'sell' over 500 REGISTERED copies during its lifetime. - BCA Software

EZ-PnF Registration payment options
1) None - We have ceased offering our REGISTERED product and all support - 10/02/2008

In addition to EZ-PnF, BCA Software devoted space on our web site to a separate and totally unrelated effort: the Max-Pain™ Options Analysis study. This is an academic effort being undertaken to study the Max-Pain™ effect to determine if it has statistical validity or is just a Wall Street legend. We are sharing the data points with you as they are collected each month.

Note: BCA Software is not a data service and we do not charge subscription fees.

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